1.  Make an Impression (interview)

Concordia University–Portland aims to recruit and admit students who will flourish here and contribute to the life of the Concordia community at the highest levels. To that end, part of the Honors Scholarship Competition will include a session in which you are interviewed by a small number of faculty and staff. As part of registration, you will submit your résumé and the honors essay (see prompt below), and your high school GPA and SAT/ACT score(s). Faculty and staff will evaluate this information in preparation for in-person interviews at the competition. The interviews will evaluate students regarding their degree of mission- and value-fit for becoming members of the Concordia community of learners. In other words, the Honors Program selects students not only for their scholarly achievements but also for how we imagine them living in accordance with our mission and values.    

As long as there has been an Honors Program at Concordia, honors students have lived out the Concordia mission in an exemplary way. Honors students are regularly upheld as the paragons of what it means to be a Concordia Cavalier. Their character, service, dedication, and scholarly achievements make them the best representatives of the kind of student Concordia desires to produce. Their impact on the campus and wider community are immeasurable. We are excited for you to join their ranks!

Résumé and honors essay

In an effort to get to know you a little before you come to Concordia, we are asking you to submit two items:

1) your résumé (please include your high school GPA and SAT/ACT score[s]); and

2) your essay answering the honors prompt listed below. 

When you prepare your résumé and essay, please be yourself. There are no particular activities, achievements, numbers of volunteer hours, etc., that we are looking for on your résumé. Similarly, there is no right answer to the prompt. Come prepared to discuss these two items during your 20-minute interview with faculty and staff.

Résumé: Please send us a professional résumé which highlights your various achievements. You may highlight academic (including GPA/SAT/ACT), athletic, social, and/or community achievements. List anything that will help us get to know you as a full human being (e.g. mind, body, and soul). List some of the things that you enjoy doing outside of school. And if you work a part-time job, please list that too. You may provide up to three references on your résumé.

Honors Essay Prompt: In an essay of less than 1000 words, please provide a compelling and substantial answer to the following prompt:

What does it mean to you to be an “Honors” student? What do you view as the essential characteristics of both an Honors student and an Honors program? How do you see your “fit” with such an experience at Concordia, and how might it meet your educational and life goals?

Submission: Submit your résumé and honors essay upon registration for the CUP as Word or PDF documents.

2. Make a Statement (writing)

The writing contest is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to consider a writing prompt critically, structure an essay that is fluent and polished, and arrive at an elevated understanding of the topic. You will have 90 minutes to draft an essay based on a prompt you choose from several provided on the day of the contest. You will write your essay on CU computers and submit your essay at the end of 90 minutes. A proctor will be in the room to assist with any computer issues.

To prepare for this contest, you can bring up to six scholarly sources that you can use for cited support in your essay. Your scholarly sources should come from databases (e.g., Ebsochost, Google Scholar) and be published after January, 2010. Bring printed copies of these with you as these articles will be the only thing you can bring into the computer lab on the day of the contest. To guide your research, the prompts will consider the following themes:

  • Civil Discourse
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Global Culture

You will need to write a research essay that discusses the topic and applies the research you brought. Your writing will be evaluated on:

  • Structure and organization (does your essay have an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and make sense?)
  • Scholarly language (does your essay use formal language as expected of college-level writers?)
  • Use of sources (how did you make use of the research you brought with you?)
  • Your ability to answer the prompt (did you read and comprehend the prompt as well as respond to it appropriately?)
  • Spelling, grammar, and format (you may use MLA, APA, or Chicago format)

3. Make a Team (group activity)

You are on the threshold of the next great step in your educational journey. Yet, nobody arrives at success in isolation. Think about it. You are at this point not only because of your effort and ability, but also because of the many people who’ve been encouraging and challenging you along the way – people like parents, teachers, mentors, coaches, and peers. In one way of looking at it, you have had a team around you helping you get to where you find yourself today. Teams are essential to our success. Through the honors program, you’ll find that you have a team around you here at Concordia: peers in your cohort, professors in your courses, and staff that support our students beyond the classroom. 

In the Make a Team experience, students will be randomly assigned to teams and will be tasked with shedding light on a Concordia mystery. Along the way, you’ll solve riddles and puzzles by gathering the clues and hints you’ll need to succeed as a team. Bring your creativity, ingenuity, insight, and a readiness to have a little fun for this session.

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