What are you looking for in a four-year university? Small class sizes? Professors who know you by name? Opportunities to serve and give back? Engaging classes? They’re here. Diverse and professional internships? Absolutely. At Concordia University, you can have it all — all the benefits of a private, liberal arts education at a cost that’s less than you might think, on a campus where you belong — just blocks from Portland’s trendy Alberta Arts District.


You belong at Concordia.

Whether you’re an education student mentoring a second grader, a business student interning with Nike, a homeland security student running a simulator drill, a nursing student volunteering at a local clinic, or a student-athlete representing one of our nationally ranked NCAA Division II teams, one thing is certain: You’ll have an entire community cheering you on and supporting you, every step of the way.


Challenge yourself.

If you’re looking for a program that values critical thinking, guarantees lively discussions, and welcomes different viewpoints, consider the rigorous and rewarding honors program at Concordia University. Being an honors student at Concordia goes beyond excelling in academics. It means you care about the world around you and value one-on-one relationships with professors and classmates, building upon an already strong liberal arts tradition. Small, discussion-based classes create a learning environment where varied worldviews are shared in an atmosphere of respect. In the classroom and throughout the campus, honors students enjoy a level of collaboration exceptional even by Concordia standards. EXPLORE THE HONORS PROGRAM


We have Portland pride.

Portland is the 10th largest city in America. And we think that makes is just the right size. Big enough to explore and expand your experiences, while small enough to be friendly. We are in a neighborhood in Northeast Portland, named after Concordia, located just blocks away from the Alberta Arts district. Invest in a good raincoat and come to Portland — we love calling Portland home, and we know you will too.


We’ve got a checklist for you.

Use this section as a reference as you take your next steps, and make sure to check to see if your program has any special requirements. FRESHMAN ADMISSION CHECKLIST UNDERGRADUATE TUITION & AID

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