Concordia Law offers a new way of thinking about law school.

If you’re looking for a legal education that combines the values of justice, compassion, and integrity, look no further than Concordia University School of Law. When you graduate from Concordia Law, you graduate with a degree that empowers you to make a difference as a legal professional and community leader.

Small size is our strength

At Concordia University School of Law, professors know you by name and individual attention is the norm, not the exception. Keeping class sizes small fosters a genuine sense of collaboration and camaraderie among students – creating an ideal atmosphere for lively discussion regarding complex concepts and issues of the day.

Experience beyond the classroom

As part of our mentor program, every first-year student is paired with an attorney or judge as a mentor who acts as a support system, providing insight, knowledge, and advice. Mentors take an active role in helping you learn first-hand what it means to be a lawyer. In addition, internships and externships give you the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the region’s most influential and important legal organizations, including the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, Idaho Legal Aid, and the Idaho Innocence Project.

One degree, hundreds of career possibilities

By graduating from Concordia University School of Law, you will know how to learn, how to ask questions, how to analyze, and how to understand business. In short, you will have a sought-after skillset that translates well into a multitude of fields and has universal appeal that stretches well beyond the courtroom.

The heart of Idaho’s legal community

The Concordia University School of Law campus is located in downtown Boise, Idaho – a thriving capital city known for its amazing quality of life and low cost of living. The school is just a short walk to the county courthouse, state Supreme Court, and appellate court, as well as the state’s largest law firms. And, just like Concordia University in Portland, Concordia Law is a private, nonprofit university.

Law school you can actually afford

We want students to graduate with a meaningful degree, not a mountain of debt. That’s why tuition at Concordia University School of Law is $13,000 below the national average for private law schools. Merit-based scholarships range from $3,000 to $14,000 – and they’re automatically renewable for students in good academic standing. Every student receives a guaranteed service grant of $5,000 per year. And because students don’t have to compete for class standing in order to maintain their scholarships, the class dynamic is more collaborative than competitive, compared to many other law schools.


A strong case for Concordia

When it comes to selecting a law school, we understand that you have many choices. So why here? With Concordia University School of Law, you find a faculty that is vested in helping you succeed. You enjoy a state-of-the-art campus that’s just a stone’s throw from Boise’s entire legal hub. You experience a community that’s inviting, exhilarating, comfortable and affordable, all in one. And while Concordia Law may be new, it’s backed by Concordia University’s century-old history of caring, compassion, and excellence, with our time-honored mission of preparing leaders for the transformation of society.

Cathy Silak

“Our students are ready to become community leaders and to make positive contributions, in Boise and beyond, for years to come.”

Cathy Silak, JD, LLM, Vice President – Community Engagement, Founding Dean, Professor of Law

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