Adequate health insurance coverage is REQUIRED for all International students enrolled in classes at Concordia University for the duration of your studies.

Concordia University is partnered with iNext Travel Insurance to provide an insurance plan that meets your insurance needs.

Which Plan Is Right for You?

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iNext Insurance plans are designed to meet a wide array of needs for international medical insurance.

  1. iNext Essential: $150,000 per illness/injury (up to a $400,000 annual maximum); up to $7,500 per policy period for maternity. Pre-existing conditions are covered after 180 days.
  2. iNext Scholar: a higher level of protection against a major covered claim with a $1,000,000 annual medical maximum and no annual deductible. Includes coverage for maternity, prescription drugs, as well as preventative care and annual exams. Pre-existing conditions covered after 180 days.
  3. iNext Scholar Plus: comprehensive protection featuring an unlimited medical maximum, as well as coverage for maternity, prescription drugs, preventative care, and annual exams. Pre-existing conditions are waived on all policies over 120 days.

Click HERE for a comparison of the various iNext plans.

Purchase a plan.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification on insurance, please contact either:

Proof of insurance will be required during the mandatory international student orientation..

You will be asked to provide a copy of your insurance policy, written in ENGLISH. Your policy must include the following information:

  • Effective term of coverage (beginning and ending date)
  • Maximum dollar coverage for each sickness or injury
  • Outline of covered services
  • List of excluded services
  • Address and telephone number of the insurance company
  • Be in effect throughout the entire semester and be renewable for continuing coverage
  • Have a minimum dollar coverage of $250,000 per illness or injury
  • Include mental health care
  • Include outpatient care (doctor visit, outpatient surgery, etc.)
  • Include hospitalization
  • Include maternity
  • Include medical evacuation
  • Include repatriation

Remember: You must have approved health insurance before you can attend any classes at Concordia University.

Should you have any questions regarding Concordia’s international student health insurance requirement, please contact the Department of International Studies by emailing Sherry Durfey, International Student Services and Programs Coordinator or calling +1 503-280-8152.

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