Information for Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 – Tuition and scholarships may change every academic year.

Free textbooks are included with the program! Estimated tuition after MAT scholarships: $21,052 – $27,690 (based on 39 credits).

Scholarships and Grants

  • 20% off of tuition Lutheran College or University Alumni Grant *
  • $5,000 AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Grant *
  • $500 – $1,000 Early Application/Priority Enrollment Scholarship**
  • $250 Graduate Travel Scholarship
  • $250 Visit Concordia Scholarship (attend an information event on campus) **
  • $5,000 District Partnership Scholarship *†
  • $300 Testing Scholarship*
  • $300 edTPA Scholarship (Awarded in final semester) *
  • Free Textbooks (New students enrolling in Spring 2019 and beyond are eligible for free, required textbooks. E-books will be provided whenever available.)

* May not be combined with any other Concordia scholarship unless specifically noted

** May be combined with Alumni and District scholarships

† Talk to your admission counselor to see if you work at a school district that is a partner with Concordia

Alumni Grant

Concordia University-Portland alumni qualify for a special Concordia Alumni Grant equal to 20% off tuition on most graduate programs. This grant applies exclusively to programs offered on campus or online by Concordia University-Portland. This grant is available to alumni graduating from any of the nine Concordia University campuses who attend Concordia University-Portland. This grant is also available to any alumni of any other Lutheran college or university. Visit LECNA for a list of colleges. We also offer a $5,000 AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Grant for any student who is recognized by the organization as being alumni (Please submit an AmeriCorps/Peace Corps confirmation of service form.) This grant may not be combined with other scholarships unless noted.

MAT Early Application Award ($500)

To be eligible for this award Concordia University MAT candidates must apply and submit application materials by the following dates:

  • March 1 – Full-time students for summer
  • May 1 – Concordia’s MAT-Evening (fall) program
  • November 1 – Full-time students for spring

This grant may be combined with other scholarships including the various alumni scholarships and leadership scholarship.

MAT Leadership Scholarship ($500-$1000 Scholarships)

Scholarship Requirements: Answer the following question in one page or less. (Submit entry to your admission counselor) How do you feel you will be able to embody Concordia University’s mission statement in your current or future profession by earning a graduate degree or certificate from Concordia? Mission Statement: “Concordia is a Christian university preparing leaders for the transformation of society.” Your résumé and letters of recommendation for admission will also be used in evaluation for the scholarship. Deadlines:

  • March 20 – June start (full-time summer)
  • June 20 – August start (MAT-Evening fall)
  • November 20 – January start (full-time spring)

This is a competitive scholarship. Students who are awarded a leadership scholarship will be notified within one week after the deadline. Candidates must be an applicant to be considered. The scholarship will be disbursed equally over three semesters. This grant may not be combined with any alumni scholarships. For additional information, please contact your admission counselor.


U.S. citizens and eligible noncitizens admitted to and enrolled at least half-time (three semester credits) in a graduate program are eligible for Federal Stafford Loans that can assist in paying for school. To apply for student loans, you must be admitted to a graduate program and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (Concordia’s school code is 003191).

Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are awarded to assist with educational expenses, but are not limited to demonstrated financial need. Interest begins accruing on the loan when it is disbursed. There is an origination fee of 1.066% taken from the loan prior to disbursement, this rate applies to loans disbursed October 1, 2017 through October 1, 2018. The current interest rate is 6% for graduate students whose loan first disbursed on or after July 1, 2017, and before July 1, 2018. Payment is deferred on the unsubsidized Stafford Loan while the student is enrolled at least half-time. Graduate Annual Limit: $20,500

Private and Alternative Loans: For some families, even after grants, scholarships, and federal student loans are applied, a gap remains. This “gap” is the difference between what financial aid will cover and what is needed to pay for college. One option for some families is to apply for a private or alternative education loan. These loans are credit-based (most undergraduate students will need a co-signer) and are processed through a lender, certified by the institution and disbursed to the student’s account just like other forms of financial aid. Concordia University encourages all students and families to carefully research and compare the available options for financing their education before making a decision. One tool that is available to help families navigate this complex process is found HERE. This is a tool that can help compare options provided by reputable lenders. Families are not limited to the lenders listed here and are welcome to apply for private loans with whomever you prefer. Some points to research and compare:

  • Interest rates: variable, fixed
  • Origination fees
  • Repayment terms
  • Repayment benefits (interest rate reduction with auto-debit, co-signer release)

If you have questions about private loans or the process, please feel free to email our office or call 503-280-8514.

The Graduate PLUS Loan is a credit-based loan for graduate students, if needed. The maximum eligibility is the cost of attendance less other financial aid. Origination fee for this is 4.264% and is taken from the loan prior to disbursement, this rate applies to loans first disbursed October 1, 2017 through October 1, 2018. The current interest rate for Graduate PLUS loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2017 and before July 1, 2018 is 7%. Graduate Annual Limit: Cost of attendance less other financial aid Tuition $710 per semester credit Hours required for program: 36 (secondary) to 39 (elementary) Estimated program costs prior to any scholarships, grants, or other financial aid: $25,560 – $27,690.

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