Application for Graduation $100
Regalia (Traditional garments worn by graduates) Varies by level of degree (est. $50-$120)
Commencement Tickets Free (Tickets may be limited due to limitations of venue)


A combined technology and portfolio fee is assessed for undergraduate students during the summer, fall, and spring semesters per the following schedule:

If enrolled from .5 to 5.5 credits $100 per semester
If enrolled from 6.0 to 99 credits $200 per semester

Health Services Fee

All full-time undergraduate students will be assessed a $45 health services fee per semester.

Student Government

The Student Government imposed Student Activity fee will be assessed for undergraduate students as follows:

  • All full-time students in the BA, BSN, and AA programs will be assessed a fee of $80 per semester. A fee of $40 will be assessed for enrollment between 6 and 11.5 credits. No fee is charged for enrollment below 6 credits.
  • All students in the following programs will be assessed a fee of $40 per semester
    • Health and Social Services BS program
    • BS on-campus programs: Healthcare Administration and Social Work

No student activity fee is assessed in the summer semester.

Other Possible Expenses

Estimated Cost of Books $450 per semester

Private Music Lessons

per 1/2 hr lesson per week $450 per semester
per 1 hr lesson per week $900 per semester

If students withdraw from private music lessons prior to the end of midterm week, 50% of the lesson fees will be refunded. If students withdraw from lessons after this time, none of the lesson fees will be refunded.

Credit by Exam Fee

A $50 testing fee is required. If the student passes the exam, then an additional charge is assessed of: (hourly tuition rate x credits x 33%) – $50 testing fee previously paid.

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