A college education is one of the most important investments you can make, but figuring out how much it’s actually going to cost and how to pay for it can be difficult and confusing. We want to help our students and their families navigate the process.
More than 98% of our incoming freshmen qualify for scholarships and aid, with an average award from the university of $16,358. The page below offers a partial list to get you started, but make sure to connect with our financial aid team when you’re ready to learn more.

Concordia University Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to eligible first-year BA or BSN students who are accepted to the University. Award amounts are based on cumulative high school grade point averages and college placement test scores (SAT or ACT) and are awarded regardless of need. These scholarships are renewable all four years, based on maintaining a certain GPA. Please refer to the Scholarship & Awards Chart (PDF) for eligibility, or enter your GPA and test score into the scholarship calculator to see how your hard work can translate into dollars to attend Concordia University.

Merit Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Honors Scholarship (Acceptance to the Honors Program qualifies you for the Honors Scholarship) $24,500
President’s Scholarship $24,000
Scholar’s Scholarship $22,000
The Regents’ Scholarship $21,000
Provost’s Scholarship $20,000
Dean’s Award $19,000
Cavalier’s Award $16,000

Additional Scholarships

Concordia University Grant FAFSA must be completed to be considered Amount varies (determined by the Office of Financial Aid)
Athletic Scholarships As a competitive athlete, you may be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship for outstanding performance. Visit www.gocugo.com for more information. Amount varies (determined by Athletic department)
Music Scholarships Instrumentalist or vocalist? If you are a talented musician and desire to perform at the college level, sign up for more information about auditioning by clicking here. Amount varies (determined by Music department)
Lutheran High School Graduate Award Awarded to graduates of Lutheran high schools. For first-year BA or BSN students. $1,000
LCMS Professional Church Work Award Awarded to those students choosing Professional Church Worker emphasis within their major. (Only an option for Education, DCE, and Theology majors.) $1,500
Lutheran Pastor Family Award Offered to students who are children of a Lutheran pastor. For first-year BA or BSN students. $1,000
Visit Scholarship The Visit Scholarship is for students who visit Concordia’s Portland campus. This is a one-time $250 Visit Scholarship upon enrollment. $250

Cost of Attendance

We use an annual Cost of Attendance (COA) budget to determine your financial aid eligibility. The COA budget includes expenses which are billed directly by Concordia University (e.g. tuition as well as room and board, if you live on campus), and other expenses that are not billed by Concordia, but are directly related to attending school (e.g. books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and off-campus living expenses).

Full-Time Cost of Attendance Budget Bachelor of Arts and Nursing Programs 2020/21

Tuition $32,686
Average Standard Fees and Course-Related Fees $650
Average Room and Board $10,770
Average Books and Supplies $1,000
Transportation $1,000
Personal $2,000
Loan Fees $100
TOTAL $48,206

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