If you're a transfer student joining the Concordia family, welcome! We're glad you're here and hope you enjoy your time on campus. In terms of financial aid, there are two basic types of transfer students who attend Concordia University. The following information explains that, as well as what type of aid is available, how we determine need, and other funds available.

Transfers – Bachelor of Arts

Transfer students are those who have earned a minimum of 12 semester or 18 quarter college-level credits from an accredited institution. (Students with less than 12 semester credit hours should consult the freshman financial aid pages.)

Transfer Student Awards 2020-21 (only one award per student) Awards applicable towards Summer 2020-Spring 2021

Name GPA Requirement Amount per year
Transfer Honors Admission to Honors Program $24,500
Transfer President’s 3.5+ $15,000
Transfer Scholars 3.25+ $14,000
Transfer Merit 2.5+ $13,000
Transfer Award below 2.5 $10,000

Additional Scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa Award This scholarship is reserved for traditional BA transfer students who are currently active members of Phi Theta Kappa, the National Honor Society for Community Colleges, and who exemplify excellent leadership skills and potential. Download the PDF application -OR- submit an online application form. Up to $2500
Athletic Scholarships As a competitive athlete, you may be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship for outstanding performance. Visit www.gocugo.com for more information.  
Music Scholarships Instrumentalist or vocalist? If you are a talented musician and desire to perform at the college level, sign up for more information about auditioning by clicking here.  
Lutheran High School Graduate Award Awarded to graduates of Lutheran High Schools. For first-year BA or BSN students. Up to $1000
LCMS Professional Church Work Award Awarded to those students choosing Professional Church Worker emphasis within their major. (Only an option for Education, DCE, and Theology majors.) Up to $1500
Lutheran Pastor Family Award Offered to students who are children of a Lutheran pastor. For first-year BA or BSN students. Up to $1000
Visit Scholarship The Visit Scholarship is for students who visit Concordia’s Portland campus. This is a one-time $250 Visit Scholarship upon enrollment.  

**Unless noted, the above funds are available for the BA and BSN programs.

Transfers – Degree Completion (BS)

Students interested in majoring in Healthcare Administration, Social Work, Homeland Security and Early Childhood Education (non-licensure) typically have three to five years of work or volunteer experience, earned college credits from a regionally accredited institution, and/or life experience which may qualify for college credit. There is a difference in the types of aid for which these students qualify, but all must first apply for financial aid.  See more information about tuition rates for Degree Completion programs.

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