Your Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

Graduate Travel Scholarship

Graduate students who travel over 500 miles to visit the campus while they are researching programs will receive a $250 travel scholarship to help offset the cost of travel expenses.  This scholarship is awarded upon enrollment to Concordia University-Portland.

Interested in visiting? Contact our main admission desk at 503-280-8501 to begin this process.

Information on area hotels/restaurants

Graduate Leadership Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements

Answer the following question in one page or less. (Submit entry to your admission counselor):

How do you feel you will be able to embody Concordia University’s mission statement in your current or future profession by earning a graduate degree or certificate from Concordia?

Mission Statement: “Concordia is a Christian university preparing leaders for the transformation of society.”

Your résumé and other materials you submitted for admission will also be used in evaluation for the scholarship.


  • March 20th for May/June starts (Summer Semester)
  • June 20th for August start (Fall Semester)
  • November 20th for January start (Spring Semester)

This is a competitive scholarship. Students who are awarded a leadership scholarship will be notified within two weeks after the deadline. Candidates must be an applicant to be considered. The scholarship will be disbursed equally over three semesters. This grant may not be combined with any alumni scholarships.

Note: The Graduate Leadership Scholarship awards up to $1,000. Students pursuing a certificate program through the college of education (Pre-AL, Pro-AL, ESOL, Reading, or Health/PE) are eligible up to $500.

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